You’ve got the website –
now it’s time to get the audience.


Having an awesome website is a great place to start, but, sorry folks, there’s still a long way to go! You can have flawless design and captivating content, but what good is it going to be if no one’s there to see it? You need to be actively driving traffic to your site, which is exactly where SEO comes in.

What is SEO?

In our neck of the woods, SEO is talked about a whole lot – but what does it actually mean?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation, and it’s one of the best ways to get your website noticed by Google – and by your potential customers! Our team of SEO experts will use a bunch of techniques, from link-building to keyword research, to optimise your website so that when a customer searches for what you’re offering, you’re the first to pop up. Like bears to honey, your clients will come flocking.

Our take on SEO

At bearhug, we believe seo is about way more than just shoving a bunch of keywords into your content. Instead, we use it to create solid foundations that your brand can build on, giving you endless potential for growth. We don’t think it’s a get-rich-quick method, but it’s one that’s going to see you through for the long haul when you partner with us.

Our team will work with you on your journey, getting to know you and your goals before helping you to achieve them. We’ll always be checking to make sure our seo methods are working for you, and will tweak and polish them for as long as you want. When you’ve got a unique brand, you need unique seo to help you stand out.

What we do

Our SEO services are here to help businesses flourish, so we don’t want to drain your budget. Instead, we provide cost-effective options that we can tailor to your needs, making sure every company has access to quality marketing.

We can then do everything for you, from taking a look at your existing SEO and rankings to providing you with performance updates. On-page, link building, content marketing – you name it! Our service is all-encompassing so you get everything you need from one team.

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    What now?

    If you think it’s time to become the biggest, baddest bear in the woods, start chatting with us today. Don’t worry, we’re not a sales team so we won’t push you! We’ll simply tell you more about our SEO and what we can do for your brand, leaving it up to you to decide whether we’re a good fit.